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Schicken Sie uns Ihre Dokumente per E-Mail oder per Kontaktformular. So erfahren Sie über den Preis Ihres Dokuments

What does a translation cost?

Our rates for your professional translation

The following criteria play a role in the price of a translation:

  •  Language direction (e.g. German - English)

  • Type of text

  • Text length (i.e. number of pages or number of words)

  • Formatting requirements of the documents to be translated

  • Desired delivery date

Send us your documents using our contact form or conveniently via WhatsApp.

We will provide you with a quote within a few hours.

We need the following information to provide you with a customised quote:


  1. Source language (language of the document to be translated)

  2. Target language (language into which your document will be translated)

  3. Desired delivery date (please specify when you need the translation)

  4. Field of specialisation

  5. Name and company name (if applicable), address (we need this information to prepare your quote)

We look forward to hearing from you.


+49 (0) 202 51569331

+49 (0) 176 66 30 16 16

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